Green Pet Aquamation

The Aquamation process that we use has several benefits over traditional fire-based cremation

Aquamation uses just 10% of the energy needed for fire cremation and releases virtually 0 greenhouse gasses.

Less Energy Needed
200 kg
Greenhouse Gasses
Traditional Cremation
0 kg
Greenhouse Gasses

Traditional cremation uses fire and can emit nearly 200 kg of greenhouse gases into the air during each use.

In the UK, about 16% of all mercury pollution is caused by traditional cremation services on an annual basis.

of ALL Mercury Pollution

The aquamation process removes any threat of mercury pollution or diseases.

Your loved one desrves the upmost respect. We can help.


Green Pet Aquamation’s use of alkaline hydrolysis reflects our belief of doing good by the earth and valuing the health of those who inhabit it. Aquamation emphasizes simplicity; offering environmental sustainability and peace of mind during this time of grieving.

Aquamation takes but hours. The cycle begins by placing the body in the porous basket. Water and potassium hydroxide then circulate through the remains, dissolving the soft tissue. What remains is a sterile, nutrient rich water and clean white bone.

This process emulates nature, as nature is good at what it does and providing everything necessary for one’s remains. However, Green Pet Aquamation does what nature can’t. It provides ash remain that can be kept safe in an urn or keepsake; close to home; close to the family that provided love in life and the utmost care afterward.

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A more in-depth look at the process

First, we mix water withu00a0potassium hydroxide.

Then, we heat the mixture to 300 degrees.

Finally, the remains disintegrate within the mixture.

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Green burial is a flourishing movement with deep historical roots, as traditionally, loved ones died and were buried at home. Our form of green burial, aquamation, functions in a very similar way, working as a down-to-earth approach to the inevitable; offering new meaning of what it means to live, be, and die.

Some believe there is no separation between the energy that flows through our bodies and the energy that flows through nature. This seems to hold truth when our, and our pet’s, bodies go on to nourish the planet that gave us life; further sustaining life to come. Aquamation may nourish the environment through its fertilization properties and the ways in which it acts as no source of detriment to the planet.

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