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The tabs below may function to answer some questions you are left pondering after reading about our services and the alkaline hydrolysis process at Green Pet Aquamation.

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The price of aquamation is comparable to that of traditional cremation and is dependent on the size and weight of your pet, i.e., a horse will acquire higher costs than a chihuahua or house cat.

Alkaline hydrolysis cremation, or Aquamation for short, has a variety of benefits over its fire-based cremation counterpart. Namely, the Aquamation cremation technique is entirely organic and pollutant free. It also quarantines potential diseases or harmful organic matter from escaping and spreading through the air. The process is also cheaper and ten times more energy efficient than fire cremation and still yields the same result, even leaving behind ashes. You can read more about the amazing benefits of Aquamation on our Cremation Process page, but the gist is that it is simply a more environmentally gentle way to memorialize your loved one’s remains.

We essentially take a gentle flow of water, then add heat and potassium hydroxide to the mixture, which is what gives the water its alkalinity. The mixture is then slowly churned, slowly deteriorating the animal’s body using the same chemical process that would deteriorate it naturally in the wild. The only remains left will be small fragments of ashen bone, not unlike traditional cremation techniques.

The process typically takes just under a week before the pet’s ashes can be returned to the family.

Green Pet Aquamation is actually a combination of affiliated pet cremation businesses which provide Aquamation services across Ohio. Give us a call and we’ll direct you to the location nearest to you.

Yes, the bones and ashes have been sterilized by heat during the process and the mixture will be far below activation temperature when you receive them. Our machine quickly cools the remains to ensure that this is true.


The list of questions on aquamation are inexhaustible, and inevitably there will be some we have yet to address. Leave us a message and we’ll get back to you with an answer. If it pertains to many, it may find its way onto our FAQ page.

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