Green Pet Aquamation

Green Pet Aquamation offers an alternative, environmentally friendly means of honoring your pet's life.

Our Aquamation method of cremation is gaining popularity as a modern and simplistic method to return the remains of people and their beloved pets back to the earth from which they came.


Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, Aquamation is an organic process that uses a water-based mixture to naturally deteriorate a biological structure. This functions similarly to the occurrence of decomposition in nature, albeit at a much quicker pace. Furthermore, Aquamation does not require burning or the release of airborne organic matter. In this way, it is cleaner than traditional cremation which requires the burning of natural gasses, which inevitably contribute to the greenhouse effect.

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While Aquamation is most often implemented by farmers in instances of animal virus and disease, this proven process holds opportunity for the pets in our lives who have reached the end of theirs. Green Pet Aquamation operates in a way that is simple and natural. 70% of a mammal’s body is made up of water. Through the separation of water and organic matter, we are left with the ashes of our beloved animals; which may then act as physical attestation of the earthly time spent together.

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At the end of this process, there is no waste as the water makes for an excellent fertilizer and in this way, your pet may live on to nourish nature, offering renewed meaning of their finite lifetime. The pet’s ash may be kept safe at home in one of our decorative urns, acting as a way to memorialize their life and keep them close, all while they take up space in our hearts and memories.

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